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I Am Basquiat is an unrehearsed, impromptu freestyle on the streets of New York.  The participants are the modern day Classical Poets.  Their language is everything, and when I mean everything, I mean everything.  all references from all levels of reference.  Connection of words, connection of incidents, and connection of attitude.  It has elements of Repose, of Repulse, of Recovery and of Rustic.  It is serious, it is jovial and it is combative in the right sense.  These are not university trained poets.  These are original poets of the intuitive kind.  The kind that could never be purchased with dollars, but can be purchased with experience.  Experience of the streets.  The streets in your house, the streets outside, the streets in your neighborhood, the streets with your friends.. The Streets.  When the street is mentioned it means Universal, that is Classical.  So these are the Basquiats of our 21st Century poets.  SCRATCH THAT.  That’s what Basquiat would say, and that’s what they say..  ‘Scratch that,’ with the word ‘beat’ behind it and nuance of meaning, then you get an imagery that is irrefutably substantial, hitting the target as it is intended like an Homeric poet who describes the epic of historical constitution.


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