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An Artist on the road with his gear, backpacked, while wearing his customary artistic presentation when he was run into by a Gentleman, his Servant and his Dog.

The Gentleman took off his hat in greetings to the Artist and brought it behind him, holding his hands behind his back in the way of Gentleman aloofness and differential respect. The Artist, with a look of intent and seriousness resembling somewhere between the laborer and the ruler, ­­sized the Gentleman for a brief moment.

The Gentleman asked, “Monsieur Artist, where are you going?" The Artist promptly said, "I am going to recover the Ancestor."

The Gentleman took one step back as if in shock and then brought it forward again in the customary style of his kind. And then with a half held grin he said, "But isn't that far, far, far, into the past?"

The Artist said, “No, monsieur Gentleman, don't you see? The Ancestor is me, he is I, and I am he."

The Gentleman again, this time taking two steps back in the same customary sense of his kind, but this time he never brought it back. This has increased the distance between the Artist and the Gentleman.

The Gentleman said across the distance, "Explain yourself."

The Artist took one step forward toward the Gentleman closing the distance slightly and said, “It is found in the Cipher."

Now, perplexity drains the Gentleman’s composure and he said, "By God, what do you mean by that?! What is this Cipher of which you speak? Please, educate me on it!"

The Artist stepped forward toward the Gentleman closing the gap even further saying, "You use it every day in your daily affairs, in your business transactions, and yet you take no note of it and I, I am on this road to show it to you."

The Gentleman said, "Show it to me? Show it to me!"

The Artist took a pencil from his pocket, now, very close to the Gentleman. He said, "In the Tradition, the teacher teaches the students in the language of the student.” Then, he wrote on the piece of paper torn from his sketchbook, placing it on the hand of the Gentleman, "The Cipher is as simple as Giotto's Circle.”

Immediately the Gentleman fell on his knees with his head to the ground. The Artist picked him up with one hand and pulled him up to his feet, holding him in the state of direct attention, looking at him in the eyes. The Artist said to the Gentleman, "Do not embarrass the Ancestor by becoming an idol worshiper."

There upon, with three steps he bypassed the Gentlemen, his Servant, and his Dog; the Dog followed the Artist who continued on the road to recover the Ancestor.

#TheArtistandtheDog #NEOILLUSION #Neoillusionist #Art #QuantumPhysics #NewYork #Artist #NiiLarteyDeOsu #theartistandthedog #Discourse

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