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Shortly after the Dog left, the Artist fell asleep again. Immediately, he found himself with the Angel as if nothing had happened. The angel, on his behalf, reacted as if there was no interval at all except the turning of the head of the Artist to the side as if thinking about something, so the Angel kept on speaking while he pointed to the horizon as the Artist finished repeating, “I see, I see!”

The Angel stopped for a second and looked at the Artist dead in the face, “I know that you think that you see. I know that you see something, but I pray you tell me, what exactly do you see? “

The Artist said, “I see the curve upon the horizon, I see that the line is not straight at all, but it curves, which means everything curves, giving the duration of its occurrence that is everything is in its own trajectory pulled by its own visible or invisible sun.”

The angel was smiling very pleased, but went on to say, “Is that all that you see?”

The Artist replyed, “No, I see much more than I can explain.”

The Angel said, “Correct answer, but there is something that you don’t see, something that is connected directly to the circle that Giotto drew. Something that when Giotto drew, the circle became crystal clear so that after that, everything that came before it in one way or another was a description for it.”

The Artist said with a little bit of humility, “Please, could you just tell me what it is?“

The Angel said, “But of course I will tell you what it is. It is the very reason why I am here.”

The Artist said, “ OK, go on.”

The Angel continues, “When Giotto drew the circle, he made visible the Image. Yes, the Image.”

The Artist said, “Stop, for a second. Did I just hear you say that Giotto made visible the Image?”

The Angel said, “Yes, you did.”

The Artist exclaimed, “What Image?”

The Angel said, "The Image of all things.”

“How is that? “ the Artist asked.

“The circle as it bends, it bends all things to itself, thereby bringing all things onto itself, therefore, representing all things. So that when it is seen it is seen as simply encompassing,” said the Angel.

The Artist said, ”Please, continue, I understand.”

The Angel: "That is why the Circle is the most suited form to describe the indescribable because who can describe all things? The more you describe it the more it expands and it becomes more of itself leading you further and further and further away into discovery until finally you become exhausted in the return of knowing yourself. At that point your time has been spent. This is the very nature of all things. It is the Image of the Image.”

"I see that.”

The Angel smiled and said, “No, you don’t see that. You think you see that, but what you just saw that you think you see is really the limitation of your mind. The limit of your knowledge. It is rather an indication of your shortcomings. What I am here telling you is the Imageless Image as symbolized by the reality of the circle onto which your ancestor Giotto announced through his performance with the courtier as a witness to that very prophecy that must come to pass, I am here announcing this prophecy to you. I am telling you that that event is an Image of an Imageless Form that is the performance that was first performed in an Ageless Age that now is the blue print that has inaugurated the entire Cosmos into being so that what Giotto drew is really a symbol of the Cosmos.“

“Wow!” exclaimed the Artist “I have never heard this before.”

Right at this moment as soon as he said that out loud, his mind blanked out into a separate notion. Very quickly, first, he thought about the Dog exclaiming the same thing to him, not having heard what he had told the Dog. He thought about the chain reaction of that exclamation, ‘I have not heard that before’ as a relay through eternal time. He thought about moments like this infinitely going on everywhere with someone like himself exclaiming the same exclamation and someone like this Angel here is explaining something just like this somehow to somebody.

“Why is that? You ask Why?" he said to himself “it is because it has to be known. You ask the question why? It is because all things have to be known and someone has to know it first in order to explain it to somebody else who would know it to explain it to somebody else. This, the Instant told him, is the whole purpose of Living." Living is for finding and finding is for knowing and knowing is for being and being is for Living and all this happened in a flash.

The Angel continued, “There is something else in the Image that you don't see.“ The Angel laughed and said, "Now, I am not going to quiz you about it. I definitely know that you don't know and to quiz you about it would waste my time.“

The Artist smiled knowing that it truly was the case, so the Angel went on saying,“Like I said there is something in the Image that you don't see, but it is the most important part of the Image.”

The Artist asked, “What is it?“

The Angel said, “It is what holds the Image up. It is what makes the Image to Image. Without it there would be no Image to Image to Image.“

“What is it?” the Artist asked in frustration.”

The Angel said, ”It is the Vitality that holds the Image up.”

“And what is Vitality?” the Artist asked.

“It is essential being,” the Angel answered.

“Essential being? In what form?” The Artist asked.

The Angel said, “In the Formless Form.”

The Artist asked, “Is there a place where I can see that?”

The Angel said, “Yes. Just like you can see the circle on the horizon, you can also see what holds it up in the center.”

“Yes, Yes!” the artist exclaimed, “Of course, the Center! But how is the Center known?”

“It is known by its attraction and it is felt by its repulsion so that its nature is both attractive and repellant at the same time, thereby keeping and preserving the Center at purity.”

The Artist, in a state of disbelief, murmured the words, "Please, continue.."

The Angel said, “I don't mean purity in the sense of the Purest attitude, I mean purity in the form of what it is, the thing as it is being held by the power of its thingness so that its centrality is nothing but its pure self.”

The Artist asked, “Is there a name for this?”

The Angel said, “In reality, there is no name for it because in reality, to give it a name is to limit its function, but since speech has been given to you, it goes without saying that you must have something to say about it and since you must then call it a name, any name, its meaning will be the same, but some somewhere have found a name for it that I think you would agree to call, they call it Alif.

"They call it this name to give it a signification, not its holding form, just a pointer, because, as I have said, in reality it has no form; it occupies the center, which creates form. Form, that is the Image, the Image that is upheld by the Alif of its being that is the purity of its thingness.”

The Artist, whose face now is a face of an unbelivability, has moved very close to the Angel. The Angel stepped back to create distance. The Angel knows, it is only distance that allows vision its place and, in order for the Artist to see, there must be distance. So, with that step he said, “When Giotto drew the circle, he hid its invisible center within himself, located as a fiery attention. An attention focused into the vibratory substantiation, channeled through his whole being as that center regulated through his arms without thought allowing it to simply be there, so that Giotto never really drew the circle. The circle just became visible by this acute attention.”

“Wow!” another exclamation came out of the Artist's mouth.

Now the Angel said, “There is one more thing I am going to say to you, then you must let me go.”

The Artist said, “OK.”

The Angel said, “Some of your ancestors have been able to come up with some mentioning of its’ reality. One, in particular, has actually theoretically described it, so that now it can be seen and it can be structured. He is the scientist, a renegade physicist, his name is Garret Lisi, and he called it E8 or the E8 Lie group. Go, see it.”

“ OK.” The Artist simply said. Now sadness overcame him and he said, “I see that it is time for you to go, will I see you again?”

The Angel said, “Of course you will see me again. This is the very reason why I am made. There is no any other cause for my existence. This moment is the moment of my life and yours, so I tell you, you will see me again.”

“I have one more question,” the Artist said, “When you go, where do you go?”

The Angel said, “Now, this is a question you can’t ask now. You will know it at the right time. Now, I must go. Next time when I see you I will tell you about what the expansion of the curve, that is given to you and its center, the Alif, holds inside, in reality.”

The Artist exclaimed, “Yes, Yes, Yes!"

With that the Angel took a step and vanished at the same moment that the Artist opened his eyes. The first thing that he saw was that it was exactly the same time that the Angel left from where he was as where he is now in the garden with his eyes wide open. It is 5:30 in the morning. It was 5:30 in the morning when the Angel left.

Garrett Lisi "A Theory of Everything"

Garrett Lisi explains E8 Geometry

The Beauty of E8

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